Table No.2 Project Deliverables

Name WP Lead Due date
D1.1 Project Handbook 1 WR M4
D1.2 Risk and Innovation Management Plan 1 WR M4
D1.3 Data Management Plan 1 WR M6
D1.4* Minutes of the Policy Board Meetings 1 DAFM M12, M24
D1.5 Minutes of kick off and consortium meeting 1 WR M12, M24
D2.1 Methodology Framework 2 TRAGSA M4
D2.2 Stakeholders involvement strategy & executions 2 TRAGSA M6, M24, M36
D2.3 Co-Design of selected Components in the Use Cases 2 AGEA M8 Update M24
D2.4 Use Case components development 2 AGEA M14, M26
D2.5 Test and validation of use case’s components 2 FEGA M24, M36
D2.6 Monitoring and Benchmarking 2 RVO M12, M24, M36
D3.1 Common glossary 3 IGN M42
D3.2 Common semantic model 3 IGN M42
D3.3 Common guidelines for software development 3 Abaco
D3.4 Recommendations for IACS data flows 3 OPEKEPE M18
D3.5 Recommendations for standardised connections between IACS project and other applications 3 OPEKEPE M24
D3.6 Appraisal of interoperability trials 3 FEGA M42
D3.7 Guidelines to cope with legal issues 3 OPEKEPE M18, M42
D3.8 Profile of priority data for external applications 3 IGN M30
D4.1 Source code and documentation repository 4 OPEKEPE M4
D4.2 Basic software stack for running tests 4 EGE M6
D4.3 Procedures and instructions related to common environments 4 OPEKEPE M6
D4.4 Annual report on technology development 4 Abaco M12
D4.5 Software of the common components 4 OPEKEPE M18
D5.1 Inception Report 5 RVO M4
D5.2 Stakeholder Exchange Platform Report 5 RVO M6
D5.3 Action Plan for the uptake of NIVA tools 5 WR M12
D5.4 IACS Open Data environmental monitoring 5 RVO M16
D5.5 NIVA Road Map for IACS transformation 5 RVO M4
D5.6 Dissemination and communication plan 5 NPA M4
D5.7 Practice abstracts – 1st round 5 WR M18
D5.8 Practice abstracts – 2nd round 5 WR M36
D6.1* Set up of call mechanism in NIVA 6 WR M4
D6.2* “Call subcontracting of software components” 6 OPEKEPE M9
D6.3* Call for Financial Support to Third Parties for pilot Validations 6 RVO M18
D6.4* “Deliverables from Call: software components and external validations” 6 OPEKEPE M18
D7.1* H – Requirement No. 1 7 WR 1
D7.2* POPD – Requirement No. 2 7 WR 6