2022.09.20 Project NIVA in 26th MARS conference

2022.09.19 UC1A on display at the international fair at Thessaloniki

2022.05.17 NIVA presents innovation at the directors’ conference for paying agencies

2022.03.30. Workshop for PAs: IACS Data Sharing  

2022.03.03 NIVA presents itself at the open Geospatial conference (OGC)

2021.12.09 Webinar “How green is your grass“ 

2021.12.06 An example of valorization of UC1B carbon indicator by French students

2021.10.26 NIVA farmers workshop

2021.10.01 NIVA represented at the EFGS conference

2021.09.28 NIVA farmers workshop “IACS Data sharing” 

2021.05.18 Digital Agriculture 

2021.03.10 NIVA project presents the agro-enviromental indicator at the final user workshop of the SEN4CAP project

2021.03.03 NIVA at “Digitalisation – an opportunity for agri – food sector” Event in Lithuania

2021.01.21 Webinar Privacy 

2021.01.19 Webinar FaST and Fieldbook-FMIS 

2020.12.17 Webinar Digital rights 

2020.12.10 Webinar Green Deal 

2020.07.07 Webinar Datasharing

2020.06.24 Lithuania is on the right path to implement the area monitoring system

2020.02.19 WP2 large scale pilots progress: face to face meeting in Madrid