Use of NIVA for farmers in Denmark (UC4B)

In the NIVA UC4B (machine data) taking into account the farmer’s perspective is an important element. The Use Case proved that it’s technically possible to create a data flow from a farmer’s machine to the Paying Agency. However, innovation is not only about creating technical solutions, but also solutions that people are willing to use.

To see how farmers think about data farming and the use of farm data for the CAP schemes ZLTO commissioned a research by students from the Dutch HAS University of Applied Sciences. Two students conducted this research and presented their preliminary results also in the NIVA Stakeholder forum in Dublin in April 2022. Now their report is finalized. The objective of this research was to conduct an exploratory study into the ideal combination of as-applied machine data and policy, which create added value for the farmer and the Paying Agency (RVO).


NIVA Hackathon after movie

On the 16th and 17th of June 2022 the NIVA Hackathon brought NIVA partners together to work on a key goal: How do we open environmental data to farmers to make more informed land management decisions? Participants from Italy, France, the Netherlands and Ireland met in a Dutch farm and worked for 24h on four hackathon challenges.


Mobile applications help both farmers and paying agencies

Under UC4a an application for mobile devices to facilitate a farmer and/or advisor to upload a geotagged photograph as supporting evidence to scheme applications will be designed, developed and piloted. The ‘Geotagged Photo Application’ will be an integral part of the Area Monitoring System which will be a component of the Integrated Administration & Control System in the CAP post 2020. One of the examples of such mobile application can be found in Lithuania.

UC4b Machine data IACS

When using Precision Farming, farm machinery collects many data. If connected to the Paying Agency (PA) database, these data can ease administration for the farmer and control for the PA. It’s complex to make work easy: just to “send your data”, many small and big issues had to be solved. This movie show the result.

UC2 NPA support without application

Seamless Claim idea sounds very promising to farmers, it takes huge efforts for the administrations to implement that at least for the part of support beneficiaries. It relates not only to the technical challenges, but also to the legal ones (farmers signature still needed?). On the bright side, similar approaches are already implemented with Tax and Customs services in most of EU countries, so this is a proof, that if You dream and work hard – everything is possible. When? Hopefully in 2023 as the new EU legislation already opened the doors for Seamless Claim to be. Please check the Lithuanian Seamless Claim vision.