Seamless Claim

UC2: Automated Agricultural Field Delineation Tool  
UC2 Prefilled application webinar minutes and presentation “Prefilled application”
UC2 Prefilled application, GSAA/Land link
UC5B: Blockchain solution for a Seamless Claim
UC5B Webinar minutes and presentation “Seamless Claim”
UC5B Scheme Eligibility and Payment Eligibility: Click-and-Pay.


UC3 Webinar “Use case update and status”
UC3 TRAGSATEC and RVO joint webinar on the use of ECROP model
UC3 Webinar “Crop types list”
UC4A Geotagged photos
UC4B Machine data in GSAA as added value data


UC1A Earth Observation Monitoring and Traffic Lights
UC1B Agro-environmental monitoring
UC1C Farmer Performance
UC5A LPIS: Update & Change detection