An Electronic public open call was launched by OPEKEPE as contracting authority on 13/12/2021 (No77547). This Call for Software Development was part of the NIVA project.

The object of the call was the selection of a contractor for the provision of services for the “development of an Earth observation data processing system based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for the monitoring of agriculture within the CAP (Advanced AI & geo-processing components for CAP monitoring”. The estimated value of the contract amounts to € 136,400.00 including VAT. The duration of the contract was setup to nine months from its signing.

There were two economic operators participating in the process. The contract was awarded based on the most economically advantageous tender, based on the best value for money to Agroapps PC ( and NEO ( On the 10th of November 2022 Agroapps and NEO uploaded their final deliverables on Gitlab  on . Their deliverables include 4 classifiers:

  1. Classifier 1: Basic Crop Classifier using High Resolution Data
  2. Classifier 2: Small plot crop classifier using High -High resolution EO data (planet fusion)
  3. Classifier 3: Fallow land classifier using High Resolution EO Data (sentinel)
  4. Classifier 4: Mediterranean type Grassland classifier using High- High resolution EO data

These classifiers satisfy the need for more advanced AI expertise and algorithms to improve the quality of the detection/ recognition on satellite data,  addressing the challenges of classifying small sized agricultural parcels, fallow land and Mediterranean pastures who are an important portion of Greek countryside.