Part of the success of NIVA in designing and implementing innovative tools for the CAP shall be attributed to a group of partners under the direction of ABACO who did technology scouting during the project. The idea has been to constantly monitor any worldwide advances in IACS-related tools or regarding technology who could be applied for the CAP. The information was used to foster internal discussion, help steering Use Cases, and develop common software frameworks. The bi-monthly internal report idea came from the private partners experience in competition and innovation monitoring. It was managed as a watchdog to ensure a competitive advantage to NIVA with the dual aim of seeking available IT components/standards applicable to NIVA context and raising awareness on other developments around the world. The collection of periodic reports has been packaged into deliverable 4.4 “Annual report on technology development” which is now public on NIVA’s website and contains all work done by the editorial team. Kudos especially to ABACO, ZLTO, NEUROPUBLIC, AGEA and TRAGSATEC.