D3.5 Recommendations for standardised connections between IACS and other applications

This deliverable focuses on two topics of key interest for Paying Agencies in the context of new monitoring system and new CAP: the access to Earth Observation data (mainly Sentinel images) and the data exchanges between FMIS (Farm Management Information System) and IACS.

It includes basic knowledge and general recommendations targeting anyone having interest on these topics, such as Paying Agencies, FMIS editors, satellite image companies, European Commission; it is also capitalising the experiences conducted by  the NIVA project or by NIVA partners, the related chapters targeting more technical (or more motivated) readers.

The document is available on: https://www.niva4cap.eu/deliverables


D3.6 Appraisal of interoperability trials (M24)

This deliverable provides the feed-back of the first wave of Multi Member State (MMS) testing of the NIVA tools. The MMS testing aims to ensure that the NIVA tools initially developed by one MS can be reused with reasonable adaptation effort in other European countries.

This document targets anyone having interest in reusing the NIVA tools.

The document is available on: https://www.niva4cap.eu/deliverables


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