On the 12th and 13th of February 2020 the Work Package 2 Coordination of H2020 project NIVA organised and hosted a face to face meeting in Madrid, Spain. The meeting’s aim was to better define the synergies of the Use Cases and to analyze the evolution and status of the different software components. Besides this, a first draft of the NIVA unified Architecture was presented and a first draft of the data models to be used by the different tools.

With contributions of all the WP2 partners and direct participation of WP3 and WP4 leaders and Project Coordination, the participants of the meeting presented and discussed a variety of topics related to the practical implementation of NIVA results as Use Cases to be used by the European CAP Payment Agencies. The meeting had the following outcomes:

· Agreement of the definition of software components to be developed

· Discussion about WP4 participation in the Use Cases development

· Clarifications on synergies and common interfaces across the Use Cases

· List of needs to be requested on the future NIVA Open Call

The results of this NIVA meeting have been very useful to better define the Use Cases connections and to obtain a more clear vision of the development of the software components. More elaborated information about the workshop will be distributed later in a NIVA policy brief.