NIVA project’s UC2, led by NPA, comprises the development of three major innovations: preliminary parcel boundary automatic delineation tool; robotic process automation tool; crop type analysis of the Sen4CAP Lithuania pilot resulting in crop type algorithm. The first two components have already been developed. Those two, alongside the other  tools developed by NIVA partners, are shared in the Gitlab platform.

The Hungarian PA with the lead of Ulyssys Ltd. Company downloaded UC2 Preliminary parcel boundary delineation tool from the public UC2 Gitlab repository. Based on tool installation guidelines and source code the work was done all alone without assistance from UC2 team.

After the completion of the task, automatically generated results of parcels preliminary boundaries in shape file were revised. The review showed, that  guidelines and installation files from the Gitlab work as described; parcels edges were found in a large majority of cases; heterogeneous areas such as grasslands or open soil areas were often well delineated; algorithm does not run on the very edge of the parcel but about 1-2 pixels inside, etc.

Hungarian colleagues have already provided their findings and started technical communication with UC2 team led by NPA for more details on how the tool could be improved.