NIVA’s progress would not have been feasible without building on the developments of other projects and initiatives, including many relevant H2020 initiatives. The table below details the use of products from other projects in NIVA. It confirms one of NIVA goals – to be a bridge between previous and new innovations.

Project or initiative

Use in NIVA

SEN4CAP, ESA project on Remote Sensing processing chain for the CAP

  • SEN4CAP tools are used in UC1A, 1B and 2 and further improved and validated in operational systems

  • NIVA highlighted the urgent need for technical documentation and source code documentation and training of such systsems

EGNSS4CAP: GSAA app for positioning

  • NIVA embedded these functionalities in its Geotagged Photo app, further expanding them

H2020 OpenEO: an open source collection of tools for EO data processing

  • NIVA is tailoring this for CAP applications, combining it with SEN4CAP processing workflows

CEF components, DG-Connect/DG-DIGIT components and protocols for common definitions

  • CEF components are being tested in NIVA UC3

  • CEF components further developed as part of common components in WP4

H2020 IoF2020, large scale pilots on IoT devices

  • NIVA participation in workshops around semantic interoperability of systems

H2020 OpenIACS, using LinkedOpenData and CEF components for IACS data

  • NIVA provides recommendations and guidelines on standardization issues, complementary to OpenIACS technical solutions

H2020 MEF4CAP, on evaluation frameworks for the CAP

  • Developing joint strategies for stakeholder engagement

Learning Network of directors of PA’s

  • Validation in larger group of Paying Agencies, also dissemination


  • Collaborated stakeholder forum meetings, focussing on knowledge exchange

  • Useful in approaching space industry and agri-businesses.


  • Dissemination to farming sector


  • Monitoring of environmental practices for sustainable agriculture supported by EO