Some NIVA outcomes selected by European Network for Rural Development and included in its Evaluation Knowledge Bank

The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) has set up the Evaluation Knowledge Bank that aims to identify the outcomes of European projects that may be of interest for the CAP monitoring.

In October 2021, the ENRD organised several workshops aiming to explain the objectives of this Evaluation Knowledge Bank, to provide some examples and to discuss the potential use of various data sources, such as EO, IACS, FMIS or citizen-science data. These workshops have addressed various topics such as interoperability, biodiversity or water abstraction & water quality. The NIVA tools about farmer performance (UC1c), agro-environmental indicators (UC1b) and farm registry (UC3) have been provided as examples of interesting outcomes for CAP monitoring and the NIVA project has actively contributed to the discussion about potential data sources due to the investigation conducted by the Work Package Harmonisation and Interoperability on these topics.