General description

Zuidelijke Land en Tuinbouw Organisatie, (ZLTO) is the Southern Netherlands organisation of 16.000 farmers. ZLTO is one of the three organizations that work in the federation LTO Nederland. Together they represent 50.000 Dutch Farmers. LTO is an active member of Copa Cogeca, the European farmers organisation.

ZLTO aims at the amelioration of the social and economic situation of farmers through representation, formation and training, individual support and counselling of the members. ZLTO employs momentarily 70 consultants and 30 project staff in every possible field of innovation in the agricultural sector (innovative co-operatives, renewable energy, sustainable plant and animal protection techniques, new products and innovative commercialisation, development of new services etc.). Since the agricultural sector is in a phase of profound transitions, it is of the utmost importance that the sector can innovate as intense and as fast as possible.

ZLTO is involved in 10 H2020 projects and has great interest in the NIVA project, because our members and other farmers appreciate single entry multiple use of data, and can use official parcel boundaries and land use data as linking basis for their management data. The diffusion of project themes is organised in (Z)LTO through channels such as: training courses, articles in our own magazine “Nieuwe Oogst” and in specialized magazines, symposia, excursions, website (, social media, individual counselling, etc.

ZLTO is one of the 5 founding fathers of Joindata, the Cooperative Data Hub, with Friesland Campina (dairy), Agrifirm (feed, supplies), CRV (breed) and EdiCircle (accountants). Joindata provides a general authorization tool and hub functions for farmers data. LTO Commerce exploits MoveRTK, the brand independent GSM location service. It is used in agriculture and construction and very precise in measuring field boundaries and tramlines. This service could be of high value for official parcel information.


Role in the project

ZLTO has a crucial role in the use case ‘Machine data in GSAA as added value data’ (UC4b)

For WP5 ZLTO will use its extensive networks and experience in regional, national and international projects to contribute with this knowledge as a partner to this project. ZLTO will have a substantial role in the Analysis of the state of play and work plan (Task 5.1), and in the Organisation and Management of the stakeholder exchange platform (Task 5.2).


Key persons involved

Mr. Peter PAREE, male, Ir (Msc) agriculture, is Senior Programme Manager at ZLTO with broad experience in innovation, co-creation and dissemination projects. He manages the 10 running H2020 projects that ZLTO is involved in and coordinates networks of farmers (relation to Copa-Cogeca), advisors (member of EUFRAS), scientists (different PPS in Netherlands) and other stakeholders. He is involved in a number of Precision Agriculture project, of which Internet of Food and Farm 2020 (IoF2020) is the biggest.

Mr. Pieter VAN HOUT, male, MSc. Climate Studies, is Project Manager Innovation at ZLTO and is an expert in the climate, agrifood, water and energy nexus. At ZLTO he coordinates larger programs such as the AgriFoodTech Platform and he coordinates smaller projects with farmers on the ground.

Mr. John Bal, Male, BSc Agriculture, is project leader on Projects in precision agriculture, policy specialist fruit cultures and advisor strategic issues. He helps farmers every year to supply their information to Dutch IACS.

Mr. Gerard Leenaars, male BSc Agriculture, is Ass Project leader, responsible for administrative organization of work processes and projects in ZLTO. He organizes the financial operation of H2020 projects where ZLTO is partner.


Relevant publications

P. Paree & T. v.d. Wal: Good Practices in GNSS, 2013

A. Beulens & P. Paree: ICT Architecture for Precision Agriculture and Internet of Things, 2013

Many reports on PPPs: Satellite Database NL, Precision Agriculture 2.0, Datafair, Disac


Relevant projects and activities

• Skylark, national project to improve the sustainability in farming, implementation in farmer network groups)

• Programme Precision Agriculture: Collaborative development and dissemination of precision techniques, €12 million, 2009-2013, Programme management by ZLTO and WUR, +/- 250 collaboration projects of 45 partners: agrarians, machinery industry, food processors, ICT- and advisory services and supplementary 40 implementing organizations

• AgriFood Tech platform: a co-creation initiative to inspire people to innovate to improve the food system, coordination of the input of High Tech industry and Agricultur

EU: H2020 5 examples out of 11 projects:


• Agrispin: effective Innovation Support mechanisms

• AgridemoF2F: optimising function of demonstrations in innovation

• 4D4F: Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers

• INNOSETA: introduction high tech sprayers in agriculture

• IoF2020: Internet of Things in Food and Farm