General description

Part of Waterford Institute of Technology, TSSG (Telecommunications and Software Systems Group) is an internationally-recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation. TSSG comprises 100 research scientists and engineers, 25 postgraduate students and an active international network in excess of 450 partners from industry, academic and research institutes from across 35 countries. TSSG carries out a wide spectrum of industry-informed research in Information and Communications Technologies, particularly in technologies enabling communications and information services. Our prioritised technical research areas include Mobile Platforms and Services, Data Analytics and Social computing, Adaptive Networks and services and Augmented and Virtual Reality. TSSG has expertise in the area of communications technologies, artificial intelligence and IoT systems, and can bring expertise in terms of ontology development for example, for inter-agri-platform data models.

TSSG has relevant expertise in a number of areas that can input into multiple work packages in the proposal. TSSG has strong links with, and support from, the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), and can draw on expertise from that organisation to support any standards activities related to data interoperability. At a higher level, TSSG has over 20 years’ experience in large scale platform specification (architecturally) and development (e.g. of enabling technologies to ensure inter-system communication. TSSG has in depth experience in development of solutions from scenario to use case to implementation. Through our security research work, TSSG has completed projects which require implementation of regulatory-compliant, secure, technologies. Any project of this nature will require significant software test and verification activities, TSSG has a dedicated software verification and validation group which can manage large scale integration and test from initial requirements through to final deployment.


Role in the project

In WP2, based on their wide experience with precision farming, WIT will have a specific role in providing specialised expertise in supporting the Use Case of ‘Geotagged photos’ (UC4a).


Key persons involved

Dr. Stepan Ivanov is a postdoctoral researcher in data mining. He is the lead author of several peer-reviewed conference and journal publications on the topics of bio-inspired network management, wireless sensor networking and performance modelling.

Eric Robson is the Research Unit Manager for the artificial intelligence and machine learning lab and TSSG site manager for the FutureMilk research centre. In this role, he leads a team of 13 researchers that investigates techniques in social network analysis, predictive analytics and data warehousing.

Dr. Ultan Mc Carthy’s work focuses on the use of data across organisations to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Previously he worked at the RFID Center for Applied Research at the University of South Florida (USF) improving global supply chains via electronic data transfer for the food, pharmaceutical and defence sectors.

Brian Foley is EU Quality Manager at the TSSG and is currently engaged in a number of collaborative projects in the smart farming / precision agriculture space.


Relevant publications

Ivanov, S., Bhargava, K. and Donnelly, W., 2015. Precision farming: Sensor analytics. IEEE Intelligent systems, 30(4), pp.76-80.

Bhargava, K., Ivanov, S., Donnelly, W. and Kulatunga, C., 2016, November. Using Edge Analytics to Improve Data Collection in Precision Dairy Farming. In Local Computer Networks Workshops (LCN Workshops), 2016 IEEE 41st Conference on (pp. 137-144). IEEE.

McCarthy, D., Malone, P., Hange, J., Doyle, K., Robson, E., Conway, D., Ivanov, S., Radziwonowicz, Ł., Kleinfeld, R., Michalareas, T. and Kastrinogiannis, T., 2015, May. Personal cloudlets: implementing a user-centric datastore with privacy aware access control for cloud-based data platforms. In Proceedings of the First International Workshop on TEchnical and LEgal aspects of data pRIvacy (pp. 38-43). IEEE Press.


Relevant projects and activities

• PRECISION DAIRY - The primary focus of the project is to link ICT based disciplines with dairy systems research in order to develop real-time decision support systems for dairy farmers.

• AQUASMART- Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service


Relevant Infrastructure

In addition to the above, TSSG has significant infrastructure which can be made available for scenario development/test and for data analytics/interoperability. TSSG has its own High Density Water Cooled Data Centre with an electrical capacity of 300kVA. Existing services / infrastructure available from the Data Centre include: 40 node OpenStack Compute Cloud, 100TB Hadoop Cluster, 4 node pan-Ireland 10GE SDN testbed, 4 node SDR field deployment over 175 acres, 6 node physical SDN deployment and a virtual SDN deployment (cloud based).