General description

TRAGSATEC, a subsidiary company member of TRAGSA Group and also owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, is a highly specialised engineering company mainly focused on providing the Spanish Public administration with technology services in all rural-related sectors (agriculture, fishery, rural-development, environment, etc.) and technical assistance related to agrarian infrastructure and improvement of rural areas. It is a specialised company that relies on its own technology to execute projects and provide technical assistance in relation to agrarian infrastructure and improvement of rural zones.


Role in the project

Tragsatec will participate specifically as a technical partner, contributing to the design, development and testing of both the local implementation of the project innovations (WP2) and the common components in the context of WP4, Task 4.3 (Common Data and Service APIs).

Tragsatec will also contribute to standardisation in WP3.


Key persons involved

Maria Alonso García: Female. Graduated as Agronomist Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Working in Tragsa Group for 17 years has developed her career mainly in the Agricultural Aids field. Her expertise and knowledge has been acquired in different projects inside Tragsatec, such as the olive groove register, LPIS, Cross compliance and CwRS. In these projects she has worked as CAPI operator, quality control technician, data base analyses technician and image manager.

Ana Esther Rodriguez Cuevas: Female. Graduated with BSc in Computer Science from University of Deusto. Working in Tragsa Group for 25 years. Head of Department, expert in software development with responsibilities in IACS management projects in Spain for more than 20 years. In the last five years, she participates in the management and coordination of the SGA project at the national level for PAC aids in Spain.

Mercedes Forteza del Rey: Female. Graduated as Agronomist Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Working in Tragsa Group for 22 years. Head of Department, expert in ICT tools and solutions for IACS management in Spain, through her participation in different projects at regional and national level. In the last five years, she coordinates the functional team in charge of the SGA project (National IACS Spanish tool, developed by FEGA). PMP since November 2017.

Jesús María Estrada Villegas: Male. Electronics engineer from UGR, degree in physics from UNED. His main activity areas have been related with Ministry of Agriculture and Environment projects and GIS web viewers. As analyst, he has developed WMTS server and client applications for IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional) and HTML5 RIA standard applications from flash and Silverlight non-standard. As project responsible, he is managing European projects related with social validation, social spaces of innovation, networking services and open data, assuring project viability, significative dissemination, and future commercial exploitation. As ICT auditor (CISSP from ISC² and CISA from ISACA), he would supervise data security and utilization of assets.


Relevant publications

P. Archer, K. Charvat, M. Navarro, J. O'Flaherty, D. Roman: Linked Open Data for Environment Protection in Smart Regions – The SmartOpenData Project Approach. ENVIP 2013

M. Navarro, A. Sáez, J. Estrada (2016): Inspire and Social Empowerment for Environmental Sustainability – Results from the HABITATS Project.

H. Schaffers, J. García, M. Navarro, C. Merz (2017): Living Labs for Rural Development – Results from the C@R Integrated Project.


Relevant projects and activities

CwRS: Control with remote sensing of basic payment scheme and other agricultural aid schemes in sites selected by the Administration. From 1992 onwards.

SGA: digital tools used in 12 of the 16 Spanish regions, ordered by FEGA. A common system of IACS digital solutions including Direct Payments, Rural Development and Cross Compliance. December 2014 until now.

DATABIO: Data-Driven Bioeconomy. H2020. ICT-15-2016-2017. 2017 – 2019.

IOTAS: Internet of Things @ Agro Spaces. FEDER Interconecta. 2016.

ProDataMarket: Enabling the property Data Marketplace for novel data-driven business products. H2020-ICT-2014-1. 2015 – 2017.