General description

Põllumajanduse Registrite ja Informatsiooni Amet (ARIB) is the Estonian Payment Agency responsible for administration of agricultural, fishery, direct and rural development support schemes, implementation of EU agricultural market regulation measures and keeping agricultural registers.


Role in the project

ARIB is contributing to the project as Payment Agency and member of consortium.

ARIB is co-coordinator of WP5 and coordinator of Use case 1c ‘Farmer performance’.

ARIB is also involved in the Use Cases in ‘Earth Observation Monitoring and Traffic Lights’ (UC1a) and ‘Geotagged photos’ (UC4a).

Key persons involved

Ahti Bleive – Deputy director, direct and RDP payments, IT and registers

Jaanus Ainso – adviser of direct payments

Kadri Pärnpuu – LPIS

Roman Belov – IT and GIS, remote sensing


Relevant publications


Relevant projects and activities

As the National Payment Agency constant development of IACS from 2003.

Development of mowing detection system 2016-2018 (based on SENTINEL-1 and SENTINEL-2).