General description

OPEKEPE is the Greek National Organization of Agricultural Development and Funding, Control, Orientation and Guarantees for Community Aids and has started its activity in 2001. It is a private legal entity operating for the public interest, supervised by the Minister of Rural Development and Food and has its central offices in Athens. OPEKEPE’s main task is the control and payment of beneficiaries, according to European and national Laws. Every year almost 750,000 beneficiaries benefit approximately 2.7 billion, from community subsidies. Beneficiaries are mainly farmers and also farmer associations, export companies, investors of the agricultural sector, manufacturing enterprises, etc. OPEKEPE's Board of Directors consists of 11 members. It has its siege in Athens and 6 regional branch directorates and 4 regional units. There are also 39 local offices at Prefecture level. According to its goals, the Agency maintains a comprehensive database with the aforementioned beneficiaries (producers and farmers). This is actually a range of information for each producer: e.g., alpha-numeric and geospatial data.


Role in the project

OPEKEPE will participate in the NIVA project as co-leader in WP3: “Harmonization & Interoperability” contributing with its experience in the standardisation needed to improve data flows and to set pan-European and cross-border standards based on existing initiatives.

OPEKEPE will also participate in WP2 by managing the Use Case 1a ‘Earth observation monitoring and traffic lights’ and is involved in Cross-country scenarios and/or CEF & Open Data (WP4). Also a substantial contribution will be made to the Use Case ‘Farm Registry’ (UC3).

Finally, OPEKEPE will also contribute to WP1, WP4, WP5 and WP6 contributing with its large experience in managing European projects, its technical experience, and in fostering exploitation of the results.


Key persons involved

Mr. Nikos Bacharis MSc; MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS and Diploma in Agronomy (Greece). Work during the last 15 years: Head of Technical Inspections Department and formerly Director of Remote Sensing Department, both in OPEKEPE (Greek Payment Agency). Project Manager in more than 20 national and European large projects (>1 million) in Agricultural Mapping, Photo-interpretation, Advanced remote sensing and Advanced GIS, Eligibility Control with Remote Sensing (CWRS). Additionally. For 8 years he has managed the implementation of e-services concerning Payments for the CAP. He has more than 10 relevant papers published in scientific journals.

Dr. (Mr.) Kostas Kountouris; PhD in Sustainable Development (Belgium) and Diploma in Geology (Greece). Work during the last 15 years: Head of Project Management Department in AGROLAND (agricultural management, state company); Director of Co-funded Project Unit in OPEKEPE (Greek Payment Agency). Project Manager in more than 20 national and European large project (>1 million Euro) related to: prefecture planning, e-services for agriculture, agricultural cadastre, GIS applications, process reengineering, ERPs, quality assurance etc. He has 3 relevant papers published in scientific journals.

Ms. Efi Kyrodimou MSc, MSc in Geoinformatics and Diploma in Rural and Surveying Engineering (National Technical University of Athens - Greece). Work during the last 15 years: Deputy Head of Department of Remote Sensing and G.I.S. (Greek Payment Agency). Technical Support Specialist on G.I.S. - Remote Sensing in projects concerning agricultural mapping, photo-interpretation, advanced remote sensing and advanced GIS, Control with Remote Sensing (CWRS) (Doxiadis Associates, Regional Development Inst. of Panteion University, Greek Payment Agency)


Relevant publications

Kountouris, K.; Generalis, G.; Mylonakis, J. (2005) “Urban sustainable Environmental patterns in Modern Cities”. International Journal of Environmental and Sustainable Development, volume 4 – issue 4.

Karafotakis E., Mylonakis J. and Kountouris K. (2006), “Price Assessment of Agricultural Land in Greece”, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 6.


Relevant projects and activities

During the last 7 years OPEKEPE has participated in the following EU relevant projects:

• Project “RECAP: Personalised Services for the Implementation of CAP” Funded by Horizon 2020. Total Budget: 2.142.381,75€

• Project “Pilot studies on the provision of harmonized land use/land cover statistics − Synergies between LUCAS and the national systems LUCAS” funded by EUROSTAT (Budget 180.000,00€)

• Project “FIspace: Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics” funded by FP7 (Budget 20.000.000,00€)

• Project “C-Space: Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics” funded by FP7 (Budget 13.499.000,00€)