General description

The National Paying Agency (NPA) was established on 11 November 1999 and is the only accredited institution in Lithuania managing over 200 support measures and activities of support for agriculture, rural development and fisheries. Its customers are more than 175,000 applicants and beneficiaries who receive over EUR 900 million of support each year.


Role in the project

NPA is the coordinator of Use Case 2 “Prefilled application”.

NPA will have substantial contributions to WP2, especially in deployment, testing & validation of the Use Cases in real conditions, especially Use Case 4a ‘Geotagged Photos’.


Key persons involved

Mr. Tomas Orlickas is a Deputy Director of NPA, responsible for EAGF and EAFRD management and control with 10 years overall NPA work experience. He holds Master’s Degree in European Law. Mr. Orlickas has extensive knowledge of legal and procedural aspects of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and has specialized expertise in the area of creation of IACS in line with EU requirements for granting support. Moreover, he is Lithuanian Team Leader in a EU Horizon2020 project “Personalized public services in support of the implementation of the CAP (RECAP)” and Lithuanian representative in ESA project “Sentinel for Common Agriculture Policy (Sen4CAP)”.

Ms. Enrika RaibytÄ— is a Director of Agriculture Support department. She has Bachelor and Master degree in management and business administration. Ms. RaibytÄ— has 14 years of experience in EU support for agriculture and rural development measures. Significant amount of experience has been accumulated in creation and maintenance of IT systems for administration of Direct Payment and Rural Development 2007-2013 and Rural Development 2014-2020 Programme area measures, organization and participation in various EU committees and working groups in the NPA or other bodies.

Mr. Liutauras Šimkus is a Director of Control department. Mr. Šimkus holds Master’s degree in Economics. He is responsible for control over the use of State and EU support funds for agriculture, rural development and fisheries, selection of applicants and beneficiaries for the on-the-spot checks and remote control, work coordination and united practice implementation at 10 territorial units.

Mr. Audrius Davidonis is a Director of Strategic Management department in NPA. He holds Master’s degree both in Law and Communication and Information. Mr. Davidonis is proficient in development of information systems for administration of EU funds, project management, process management, robotic process automations and etc.

Mr. Zbignev Zalevskij is a Director of Information technologies (IT) department in NPA. He holds Master’s degree in IT engineering, has 10+ years of experience in managing IT, IT process management and IT project management.


Relevant publications


Relevant projects and activities

• 2016-2017 EC technical assistance project EuropeAid/136256/DH/SER/AZ “Support to E-Agriculture in Azerbaijan: innovative and effective agricultural policy management for higher productivity and competitiveness”.

• 2016-2018 EC programme “Horizon 2020” – international project “PeRsonalised public sErvices in support of the implementation of the CAP“.

• 2017–2019 ESA (European Space Agency) project Sen4CAP.