General description

The Danish AgriFish Agency is part of the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. DAA is mandated to carry out Danish policies on business development and environment related to the agri- food sector. DAA manages and provides both national and EU-funded support through support to agriculture and food research, EU direct payments and schemes in the Danish Rural Development Programme. DAA is the sole Danish payment agency in agriculture.


Role in the project

  • DAA has a co-leading role in developing pilot-projects (leading Use Case 5a ‘LPIS: Update & Change detection).
  • Contribute to maintenance of administrative borders in GIS
  • Arrange workshop with the purpose to involve farmers and other interests in the project and ensure social acceptance of the digitisation under NIVA (WP5)


Key persons involved

Line Maj Thomsen, academic employee at the Data and Risk Analysis Unit at the Danish Agricultural Agency DAA. She has a MSc in International Land and Water Management, BSc in Geography and Geoinformatics. GIS, geo-statistics, spatial modelling and data management are my main interests. Fieldwork experience (water and soil science) from several countries (Norway, Spain, Denmark, Malaysia). For the present Line is responsible for the evaluation of integrating near real-time analysis of satellite images with a risk-model.

Carsten Vad, Special consultant at the mapping unit at the Danish Agricultural Agency DAA. He has a long experience with projects within mapping, GIS, IT development and geotechnical investigations. He has achieved a significant experience in management of larger tender-projects. He has a broad international experience and have been working with outsourcing to India and China – and working with subsidiaries in England, Poland and Spain.

Hans Erik Dylmer, Special Consultant. Unit of Direct Payments of DAA since 2012. Danish Plant Directorate 1999-2012 (control management and development of IT-systems for on-the-spot checks). European Commission 1996-1999 (Seconded National Expert at DG-AGRI’s Rural Development Unit). Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Food 1991-1996. Danish Embassy in Paris 1988-1991 (Agricultural Attaché). Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Food 1982-1988.


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