General description

SEGES is part of The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (Landbrug & Fødevarer F.m.b.A.) and currently employs approximately 650 people. SEGES is the knowledge and innovation centre of Danish agriculture involving a number of tasks in research, innovation, and testing for the entire industry. At SEGES we work as bridge builders between research and practical farming and aim to develop products and services in partnerships with our users. We ensure that the latest knowledge and technology is deployed by Danish farmers on their farms as rapidly and efficiently as possible.


Role in the project

In WP2, SEGES will be strongly involved in the Seamless claim Use Case 5a ‘LPIS: update and change detection’ and in the Self Certification Use Case 4b ‘Machine data in GSAA as added value data’.

In WP4 SEGES will contribute to providing the boundary conditions for interoperability. The use-cases will include workshops for farmers and other stakeholders to work with acceptance of data exchange, and to secure involvement of the farmers and other relevant stakeholders.


Key persons involved

Marianne Haugaard-Christensen is a specialist advisor, Dept. of Crop Innovation, and has an extended knowledge of plant production and direct payment. She has worked as an agronomist since 1994. 15 years as a local advisor of farm production and 8 years at SEGES as a specialist.

Jens Elbæk is the Director of Crop Innovation, and is an expert within the area of precision farming systems.

Jesper Riber Nielsen is the head of department of Crop Digital. He is an expert in developing digital solutions to the Danish farmers and advisors.


Relevant publications

Nielsen, J.R., Hovmøller, H., Blyth, P.L. and Sovacool, B.K., 2015. Of “white crows” and “cash savers:” A qualitative study of travel behavior and perceptions of ridesharing in Denmark. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 78, pp.113-123.

Petersen, J.K., Pedersen, M.L., Elbæk, J., Andersen, M.P., Hjortbak, R., Jensen, H., Møller, B.G. and Albeck-Madsen, B., 2012. Rapport: Forundersøgelse om oprindelse som Vækstfaktor i Nordjylland.


Relevant projects and activities

• Lead role in the project Future Farming

• Partner in the project Targ_app