International (headquarters Belgium)


General description

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) – founded on 1974 – is the largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations in Europe. It currently consists of around 140 member organisations in more than 30 countries (virtually all EU Member States plus some accession and neighbouring countries), including a growing number of European networks, and representing some 15 million individual members and supporters.

The EEB is well known for its work on agriculture in Brussels and has been and remains a key player in the CAP implementation and its various reforms. Its network on agriculture at national level through its members is very large and knowledgeable. It also benefits from a broad network at EU level and often works in coalition with other Brussels based networks such as BirdLife Europe.

It is advocating for an evidence based CAP in the future and has to this end commissioned lots of external studies evaluating the CAP’s performance, including an evidence based fitness check assessment of the policy as a whole.

It is also strongly involved in the European Commission, DG AGRI’s civil society dialogue groups (made of various stakeholders such as farming unions’ representatives, environmental NGOs, food processors, retailers, animal welfare organizations, etc.) on agriculture and has been chairing and vice chairing the one on Climate and Environment for many years as well as the one on Rural Development.


Role in the project

EEB is a crucial partner in the Analysis of the state of play and work plan (Task 5.1).

Especially in the Organisation and Management of the stakeholder exchange platform (Task 5.2) EEB will have a very important role in identifying and contacting the relevant stakeholders.


Key persons involved

Faustine Bas-Defossez holds a master’s degree in European Union law from the University of Lille, France and a master’s degree of EU Politics from the Institute for Political Sciences in Strasbourg, France. Before joining the EEB she worked for the European Commission, in the Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development. She is a French native speaker, speaks English and some German.

Relevant publications

• EEB and BirdLife Europe Briefing (May 2017): CAP is no longer fit for purpose

• Many fact sheets, briefings and reports on CAP and related Environmental Issues


Relevant projects and activities

EEB projects include issues such as climate change, biodiversity, circular economy, air, water, soil, chemical pollution, as well as policies on industry, energy, agriculture, product design and waste prevention among others. We are also active on overarching issues as sustainable development, good governance, participatory democracy and the rule of law in Europe and beyond