General description

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) is a department of the Government of Ireland with responsibility for leading, developing and regulating the agri-food sectors, protecting public health and optimising social, economic and environmental benefits. In carrying out its mandate the DAFM undertakes a variety of functions including development and implementation of national and EU schemes in support of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Forestry and Rural Environment; monitoring and controlling aspects of Food Safety; control and audit of public expenditure under its remit; regulation of the agriculture, fisheries, and food industries through national and EU legislation; monitoring and controlling animal and plant health and animal welfare; monitoring and direction of relevant State Bodies; and direct provision of support services to Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Forestry.


Role in the project

The DAFM have committed to leading a Use Case ‘Geotagged Photos’ (UC4a) on Self Certification. This will involve the development of a Geotagged photograph application for smartphone and mobile devices. They will also have a substantial role in the Use Case on ‘Earth Observation Monitoring and Traffic Lights’ (UC1a)

DAFM will have a substantial role in WP1 Management & Coordination, in managing quality and risks, and in Developing the NIVA data management plan.

In WP5 DAFM will lead the Task Communication & Dissemination


Key persons involved

Dr. Deirdre Fay has worked with DAFM since 2008, and is currently assigned to the Basic Payment Unit. Her present role is Business Manager of the LPIS Rebuild Project. She also has specialist and technical expertise in relation to agri-environmental strategy and policy. Prior to joining DAFM she worked as a Research Officer for Teagasc, and is primary author of the Soil Geochemical Atlas of Ireland. Deirdre graduated with a Ph.D. in Botany from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2002, and with a 1st class honours B.Sc. (Botany) from UCD in 1996.

Mr. Eoin Dooley is an Assistant Agricultural Inspector in the Basic Payment Section of DAFM with a background in Agricultural Science and Geographic Information Science. He is currently assigned to the LPIS rebuild project with responsibilities for the data transformation process. He has previously worked in the Integrated Controls Division of DAFM, implementing EU policy relating to scheme payments, and in advisory and education roles with Teagasc.


Relevant publications

Fay D, McGrath D, Zhang C, Carrigg C, O’Flaherty V, Kramers G, Carton O.T, Grennan E (2007) Towards a National Soil Database – Synthesis Report; EPA ERTDI Report 69. ISBN 1-84095-239-3.

Fay D, Kramers G, Zhang C McGrath D, Grennan E (2007) Soil Geochemical Atlas of Ireland. Published by Teagasc and Environmental Protection Agency. ISBN 1-84170-489-1.


Relevant projects and activities

Towards a National Soil Database. Associated datasets and digital information objects connected to this resource are publicly available from the EPA’s web-based interface for Environmental Research Data (