General description

The Council for Agricultural Research and Economics - CREA is the main public research institution in Italy in the field of agriculture and forestry. CREA has 12 Research Centres working in all agricultural areas, from genetics and genomics to rural development.

The department involved in the project is CREA Policies and Bio-economy (CREA-PB) with an extensive experience in agricultural economics, agricultural statistics, rural development policies and water management in agriculture. The department has coordinated several national and international projects and cooperates with different ministries in Italy and with regional and local administrations.


Role in the project

CREA will fundamentally contribute to the development of a simulation tool for the quantification of payment rights in the Use Case 5b ‘Payment rights, Traffic Light’, based on the EC’s legislative proposal for CAP post 2020.

Also, CREA will participate in the development of a prototype for IACS-FADN data integration and in the development of data indicators and analysis for the Use Case ‘LPIS: Update & Change detection’ (UC5a).


Key persons involved

Fabio Pierangeli, researcher, with expertise on CAP and Multiannual Financial Framework, agricultural policies, rural development, strategic monitoring and evaluation.

Antonio Giampaolo, senior researcher, with expertise in FADN, socio-economic research and designs of information systems for micro-management of rural development programs.

Flavio Lupia, with expertise in agricultural data collection, remote sensing, geographic information systems and modeling for agri-environmental analysis.

Guido Bonati, with expertise on rural development, ICT applied to agriculture, water and irrigation management.


Relevant publications

Henke, R., Benos, T., De Filippis, F., Giua, M., Pierangeli, F., and Pupo D'Andrea, M. R. (2017) The New Common Agricultural Policy: Ηow do Member States Respond to Flexibility? JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies

Solazzo R., Pierangeli F. (2016), How does greening affect farm behaviour? Trade-off between commitments and sanctions in the Northern Italy, Agricultural System

Pierangeli F., Ruscio L. (2015), Impact of Direct Payments Convergence in Italy: A territorial and Sector Assessment, in Kaneva K. (ed.) CAP Impact on Economic Growth and Sustainability of Agriculture and Rural Areas, proceedings 147th EAAE Seminar October 7-8th, 2015, Sofia.

Crescenzi R., De Filippis F., Pierangeli F. (2014), In tandem for cohesion? Synergies and conflicts between regional and agricultural policies of the European Union, Regional Studies, Vol. 49, Iss. 4, 2015 (p. 681-704)


Relevant projects and activities

• Coordination activities of the national Rural Network 2014-2020 and of the working group of Strategic Monitoring of CAP

• Participation to the study financed by European Parliament – IP/B/AGRI/IC/2014-45

• Coordination of several grants funded by Eurostat for modeling and data collection of agricultural statistics.