General description

CAPDER is the public body at regional level (Andalusia region) in charge of the planning and development of the agricultural, livestock, fisheries and agri-food sectors and, the improvement and management of farms, and agri-food industries. Special focus is laid on agri-food processing (special attention to agri-food quality, safety and traceability), agricultural and livestock production, plant and animal health, sustainable rural development, as well as boosting the innovation in farms and industries. Furthermore, CAPDER is in charge of communication and promotional activities regarding these sectors.

Andalusia represents the 4th European region as payment agency at regional level and the 2th European region based in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures. Andalusia also takes a relevant role due to the importance of its agrarian sector. More than 90% of the Andalusian territory is rural and more than 37% of the population lives in Rural zones. Andalusia has more than 245,000 agrarian companies and more than 300,000 agrarian exploitations.

CAPDER has a large experience as payment organisation at regional level for agricultural and rural development European funds (First Pillar funds and EAFRD). This implies a consequent information system that comprises not only the whole management of the Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS), livestock information systems, agribusiness register, but many others in the frame of the agricultural aid management. Therefore, the data themselves as well as the processes developed for their exploitation are tools of great importance in terms of improving the knowledge for quantification, organization, logistics, and stakeholders engagement related with the new vision on the Integrated Administration and Control System concerning to the CAP governance.

In addition, since 2016 Andalusia Region is leading the S3P Agri-Food on Traceability and Big Data which is focus on RIS3 priority areas related to agriculture and food. The thematic partnership intends to facilitate the incorporation of the relevant digital technologies and data application in new and existing agri-food sector value chains. Members of the Partnership represent the 10% of the agrifood sector in Europe.

CAPDER has extensive experience with the management of the Andalusian Integrated Administration and Control Systems for the CAP, including the Land Parcel Identification System -SIGPAC-, since 90s.

CAPDER consistent with its commitment to the European Union´s objectives, especially in the Common Agricultural Policy field, aims to set the bases for planning the action strategy in view of the new CAP 2020 paradigm where a continuous change of trend towards the monitoring is taking place. Therefore, faced within this new challenge, there was a need to conform a specific working group, comprised by a multidisciplinary team of experts in the field: “Andalusian CAP Monitoring Group”. The purpose of this group is dealing with these technological challenges in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Sentinel images to support the administration and control system within the CAP. This group is working on the development of pilot projects across different territories of Andalusia and with different techniques.


Role in the project

CAPDER’s role will consist on providing technical direction and coordinating of the pilot experiment regarding monitoring, that will be executed during the project, as well as offer expertise on the forecast toward the digitisation concerning farm registry.

This pilot will be implemented in Andalusia and CAPDER will evaluate how this monitoring-case works on its region.

Identification of the main difficulties concerning the implementation of monitoring, the estimation of assessment methodologies and early warnings of possible incidents.

To contribute to the implementation of monitoring methodology as useful tool to optimize the control and payment of CAP through Sentinel images.


Key persons involved

Judit Anda Ugarte (Female) - Project manager who will be primarily responsible for carrying out the proposed activities- Engineer on Agronomy (University of Cordoba). MBA & Rural Development. Master on Environmental Impact Evaluation. - Vice Minister’s Technical Counsellor. Mrs Judit Anda has held positions of High Responsibility (2005-2013) for the Regional Government of Andalusia, where she has been in charge of the development of public policies related to the agri-food sector, animal security, phytosanitary protection, strategic planning of agro livestock, agri-food quality policies, statistics and research, follow up and development of models related to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Previously, she has been technical advisor in the Regional Minister’s Office (Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 2000-2004). She has also worked on the CSIC as researcher and has participated in professional agriculture organisations. From 2016 she

is in charge of the S3 Platform Agri-food on Traceability and Big Data at European level. She is also responsible for the contents and strategy of the Andalusia Rural Development Program (FEADER) for 2014-2020, and collaborates with the Unit of International Projects of the CAPDER.

Esperanza Reyes Perea Acosta (Female) - Project manager - Law Degree specialisation in Public Law; MBA on Social Institutions - Vice Minister’s Technical Counsellor. Mrs Perea Acosta has held different Head of Services in the Andalusia Regional Government, mainly related to the enhancement of Andalusia economy and new economic activities as well as in Training and Employment issues. From 2003-2008 she has been General Director of Employment Enhancement for the Andalusia Government and General Director of Enhancement and Equality on Employment for the Andalusia Government, being responsible for the development of public policies on Training, Employment, Gender Equality, Self-employment and new sources of employment, European Projects and Initiatives on Human Resources. From 2008 up to 2015 she held General Director positions in the Andalusia Environment Regional Ministry, where she has been responsible for the development of public policies related to strategic environment planning, sustainable development, climate change, GIS, governance and citizen participation, environment education, structural funds management and European projects and initiatives in environment and territorial cooperation fields. She is currently a Technical Counsellor for the Vice Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, where she coordinates the International Projects Unit and the S3 Platform Agrifood on Traceability and Big Data at European level.

Ricardo Dominguez Garcia-Baquero (Male) - Political Coordinator - Agri-food Chain MBA - Andalusia Vice Minister of Agriculture Fisheries and Rural Development. Mr. Ricardo Dominguez Garcia Baquero is an Engineer on Agriculture with an MBA on Agri-food Chain with a large experience on high responsibility positions specially within the Regional Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Rural Development, where he has been the General Director at the Industries, Quality and Agri-food Development Department (2005-2010). He has been the General Manager (2012-2013) of the Agri-food International Excellence Campus (Ceia3). He has been Andalusia Vice Minister of Environment and Land Planning (2013-2015). Since 2013 he is the Andalusia Vice Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

Concepción Cobos González (Female) – CAP Coordinator - Secretary-General of Agricultural European Funds. Director of the Paying Agency for the European Agricultural Funds in Andalusia. Concepción is an Engineer on Agriculture, speciality agrifood industry (University of Córdoba), with a large experience on high responsibility positions within the Regional Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Rural Development, where she has been the Director General for Agricultural Funds, Deputy Director General for Actions in Agricultural Funds. Directorate General for Agricultural Funds and Manager Agricultural Production Service. Directorate General for Agricultural and Livestock production.

Manuel Pretel (Male) - Head of Payments Service. Provincial Delegation in Cordoba. He is an Engineer on Agriculture (University of Cordoba) that currently is in charge of the Management and coordination at provincial scale of CAP market measures and support schemes related to Integrated Agricultural Control System (IACS). Manuel has held positions of High Responsibility (2008-2013) for the Regional Government of Andalusia, where he has been in charge of the CAP payment service, as Director. Previously, he has been technical worker in the Regional Minister’s Office in charge of agricultural statistics and management of CAP direct payments and Management of vineyard register and vineyard support schemes defined by Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

He has also worked on the Public Company for Fishing and Agricultural Development of Andalusia as technical worker.


Relevant publications

• III Andalusian Plan for the Organic Farming Horizon 2020 (2016).

• Andalusian Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 (2015).

• Olive Grove Master Plan (2015).

• Strategic Agri-food Industry Plan for Andalusia 2016-2020 (2017).

• Andalusian Strategy for Plant Residues Management (2016).

Has contributed or contributes to the development of:

• Andalusian Action Plan for Climate 2007-2012 (2007).

• Andalusian Innovation Strategy 2014-2020 RIS3 (2014).

• Andalusian Energy Strategy 2020 (2015).

• Industrial Strategy for Andalusia (EIA2020) (2016).

• Forest Biomass Plan for Andalusia.

• Andalusian Sustainable Development Strategy 2020.

• Strategy for Environmental Employment Generation in Andalusia 2020.


Relevant projects and activities

• CAPDER has 8 offices in the Andalusian provinces’ capitals and has 52 Agrarian Regional Offices.

• CAPDER is the leader and coordinator of the Andalusian Agrotech DIH. This DIH is formed by more than 100 organizations with presence of the IT sector, the agrifood sector, Competence Centers (Technological Centers, Universities and Research centers) Governments (regional public administrations) and Civil Society. The DIH is connected with European and International DIHs networks.

• Data base of the Andalusian Integrated Administration and Control Systems for the CAP management in Andalusia, including the Land Parcel Identification System SIGPAC. Annual since 90s.

• Red Andaluza de Información Fitosanitaria (RAIF) -Andalusian Network of Phytosanitary Information: Development of an Open Information Source (Open Data) available to Researchers, Agrifood Sector, other Governments, Technological Companies, Insurance companies, etc. It contains data from 2006, about more than 500,000 ha, more than 50,000 exploitations, 25 crops and more than 120 plagues.

• Observatorio de Precios y Mercados (Price and Market Observatory)CAPDER has developed the Observatory of Prices and Market. It is a tool for analyzing market trends developed in a web environment. It helps and support organizations in strategic decision making processes, and gives more transparency to the agrifood market.