General description

ABACO ( is a European company specialising in Integrated Administration and Control Systems (IACS), serving more than 20 CAP/IPARD payment agencies and some non-EU countries where the IACS model has been exported. ABACO is internationally recognised as a sector leader in innovative tools, methodologies and know-how aimed at the development of IACS.

Using its specialised know-how, ABACO brings expertise in:

  • Domain proficiency in organisation, processes and methodologies to be applied in Integrated Control and Administration Systems; and strong knowledge of end-2-end IACS requirements, from Farm Profiling to Land Registration and from Monitoring to Payments;
  • Deep understanding of the EU CAP Legal basis and national options;
  • Wide experience in Land Administration Data Models (ISO 19152);
  • High quality, innovative and agile software factory; R&D centre in advanced webGIS.

In 2016 ABACO started working with Farmers and the Agri-food supply chain with solutions for traceability and sustainability of food production.

ABACO is focused in providing the best user experience for final users, allowing to collect data from different resources, process them and share the output through several interfaces.


Role in the project

ABACO will lead the functional and non-functional software standards of software components that enhance selected Use Cases (in WP2) with the aim of ensuring that software components are deliverable to any IACS system (beyond the consortium partners) and, where applicable, interfacing/embedding such components in their commercial platform to ensure sustainability. It will also feature important contributions in WP3 (Harmonisation and Interoperability) to provide requirements for an extended IACS data model, and in WP4 (Implementation Platform) to provide support related to their deliverables.

As an industrial partner specialising in IACS systems, ABACO will further contribute to the commercial exploitation and sustainability of results beyond project’s deadlines.


Key persons involved

Mr Damien Powell: Manager and Technical Supervisor responsible for Project activities and ABACO delivery. Damien is a senior member of ABACO with over 25 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors, predominantly working client side. He specialises in providing Programme and Project Management as well as technical and business assurance for CxO level. Damien has significant experience of working in CAP Rural Payments (since 1995) ranging from acting as the Delivery Manager of DEFRA’s CAP Delivery Programme to leading the recent Programme Assessment for Rural Payments Scotland.

MSc Dr Fabio Slaviero: IACS Senior Advisor. Responsible for business process analysis for IACS-related tasks and activities. Fabio is a senior member of ABACO with over 25 years of ICT consulting experience in both the private and public sectors, predominantly working client side. He specialises in aligning technology with business needs. Fabio has significant experience of mentoring around new generation IACS systems. His recent activities range from acting as DEFRA’s IACS solution design to mentoring clients and partners on Spatial Data Analysis tools and techniques (England, Scotland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey).

MSc Dr Corrado Corradi: Subject Matter Expert: IACS and LPIS. Able to identify the best technical approach for delivering IACS projects. Coordinator of software activities on customer sites. Corrado has over 25 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors predominantly working client side. He specialises in Agriculture Information Systems advisory and mentoring, both on IT and business-side. His experience and knowledge of Payment Agencies processes and in Geospatial Management Information Systems are outstanding. Corrado's skills have been proved in consulting for the implementation of the  highest number of IACS systems for Payment Agencies around Europe.


Relevant publications (selection)

2017 – Governing CAP 2020: Technology and models ready today – 23rd MARS Conference

2017 – Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) support in IACS operations – 2017 IACS Workshop

2016 – Augmented Reality Field Data Capture and Farm Services – 22nd MARS Conference

2015 – Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model for Control with Remote Sensing in UK-Wales – 21st MARS Conference

2014 – A land knowledge management system for agriculture, Geospatial World Forum, Geneve


Relevant projects and activities (selection)

• AGEA-SIN (Italy) – Maintenance, evolution and development of the software “Integrated Controls in Agriculture” of the SIAN (National Agricultural Information System), including LPIS (Land Parcel Information System).

• MRRA-ARPA (Malta) - Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs and Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency of the Republic of MALTA. A full Integrated Administration and Control System, also known as IACS covering all CAP regulations requirements, including a complete Land Parcel Identification System (or LPIS).

• DEFRA (UK-England) – Delivery of full set of core components of the SITI AGRI Knowledge platform, related applications, and implementation services, aimed to create and develop the new UK-England IACS. Further support and maintenance services.

• (Europewide) – Delivery of the SITI4farmer farm management solution to support individual farmers and agro-food supply chains to deliver traceability and sustainability of food production. Currently operational in Italy and UK.

• (Europe) – Development of a software solution to support the pilot set of agronomical, ecological and economic indicators of the SOSTARE model: a tool for the sustainability assessment at farm level & Farm Performance. Project with the participation of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EU Commission.