On the 14th of November 2022 NIVA partner EEB (European Environmental Bureau) organised an online workshop for civil society organisations (CSOs): “How does the CAP administration and control system actually work?”. In this workshop the participants were informed on the technologies that are used in the management of the CAP and how new technologies can contribute to improve the sustainability of the agricultural sector. The workshop started with a presentation from the JRC on the main changes to the CAP monitoring system in 2023. In this presentation an explanation on the Integrated Administrative and Control System (IACS) and the Area Monitoring System (AMS) was given before the opportunities of satellite data were explained in more detail.

In the following presentation the NIVA project explained what the new vision on the IACS is and how the project came to this new vision. By showcasing some of the solutions and Use Cases that have a link with environmental issues NIVA explained how the work could be relevant for CSOs. In the final presentation NIVA’s UC1B team elaborated on the relevance for CSOs by introducing the new agri-environmental indicators developed for nitrate, carbon and biodiversity. With this workshop NIVA was able to further connect with this group of stakeholders that could benefit from the work of NIVA for their work.