Following a brief minute of the event:

“On the 10th of June the UC5b Product team have organised a restricted Show&Tell session on the Seamless Claim in which they have reviewed the ‘Early version’ of the specific component running over a real working web application. During the session, the team discussed the User Experience in preparation of future meetings with the stakeholders and suggested some adjustments to the development team.”.

On 26 May 2020 UC5b team had a meeting with the Italian Certification body (CB) to present and to introduce NIVA Project and outputs and in particular for pilot UC5b the seamless claim.

With this meeting we shared the items and the needs for the CAP annual clearance expenditures from the CB point of view in particular on how auditing and perform the UC5b automatic payment system. We agreed to continue exchanges view involving also the Certification body as a partner in the stakeholders registry for UC5b.