Italian UC5b defines the process to achieve a CAP seamless claim (‘Click-and-Pay’), by prototyping the Smart Contract concept (automated payment requirements) onto the existing IACS distributed ledgers, mainly the Farm Dossier and the Area Monitoring System. The innovative approach will be enhancing the handling process done through the Geospatial application, or pre-filled application, and Checks by Monitoring, making use of fully automated processing of data. UC5b will also produce EU-wide common tools to automatically categorise the farm typology and to simulate/calculate the value of payment rights.

With the current CAP Regulation every beneficiary must submit every year an aid application, or payment claim, for each relevant area and animal measure. This process is burdensome for the beneficiary and the administration: data goes through complex eligibility checks to execute a payment or to apply a sanction. Frequently the handling cost overcomes the average value of a CAP subsidy. A partial solution is represented by the pre-filled application and GSAA, however beneficiary expectations are changing with the digital revolution and multi-channel experience, hence the claim handling methodology shall be reviewed. Payment anomalies are captured before the farmer can submit a claim and before the payment is done.

Even though, the Seamless Claim idea sounds very promising to farmers, it takes huge efforts for the administrations to implement that at least for the part of support beneficiaries. It relates not only to the technical challenges, but also to the legal ones (farmers signature still needed?). On the bright side, similar approaches are already implemented with Tax and Customs services in most of EU countries, so this is a proof, that if You dream and work hard – everything is possible. When? Hopefully in 2023 as the new EU legislation already opened the doors for Seamless Claim to be.

Please check the Lithuanian Seamless Claim vision