NIVA’s Use Case 3 provides a solution to support Paying Agencies to harmonize its data and makes it interoperable. The learnings and results of this Use Case were used in Spain as a basis for the development of their SIEX (Agricultural Holdings Information System).

The development of the Use Case was done by the NIVA partners FEGA, TRAGSA and CAPDER. The testing of the Use Case was also done by these parties, but also by the NIVA partner ARIB (Estonian PA) and the UC4B (machine data).

UC3 FARM REGISTRY: Data model for a Farm Registry of an administrative, public, and informative nature that centralizes and unifies agricultural information and allows the Administration and in the future the farmers, to query all the data about farms and agricultural parcels, and to facilitate administrative procedures. Farm registry will be strongly linked to the future IACS and should be updated in a continuous way.

What is the UC about?

A Farm Registry for an extensive use of information and access to various data sources to:

  • Support a wider monitoring
  • Make the control and information crossover to Public Administrations easier
  • Guide the application processes in the new CAP period

The objectives of the Use Case are:

  • An architecture that can be integrated with other systems
  • An agreed data model that could set the basis for a crossborder proposal
  • Interfaces to exchange information (upload and query)

What are the main results of the UC?

The new CAP period 2023 in Spain will establish new mandatory requirements and producers will be obliged to declare information about where, what and how they produce. Based on UC3, from 2023 the Spanish Farm Registry will allow to manage information about what and where do the farms produce, and the Spanish solution for a digital Field book will allow to manage information about how does the farm produce.

Testing results

UC3 has had 3 testers during the project:

  • The Netherlands (UC4B) made tests in order to verify if FMIS information could be upload to the data model.
  • Estonia has checked that the data model was suitable for their IACS solution.
  • Spanish Paying Agency uploaded the number of testing farm’s objective: 5% of farms of Andalucía. Five municipalities have been tested by Andalucia: Martos, Alcalá la Real, Lebrija, Úbeda y Palma del Río.


Reference data model:

  • Crossborder data model and common code lists for an agricultural Farm Registry
  • 25 code lists developed that have been constantly updated due to the feedback of other project participants

NIVA has been the germ of the Spanish future national Agricultural Holdings Information system (SIEX).

Without this project, the need of a national level system would not have been detected.

  • UC3 will not be available in real environment, but it has laid the foundations for CAP 2023 developments that have already started in Spain.
  • Since October 2022 a Farm Registry will be available in most of Spanish regions.
  • Since 2023, a digital Field Book and SIEX will be available for CAP users in Spain.

More information on the NIVA UC3 can be found on the NIVA website: and the source code is available on GitLab: