On Tuesday the 23rd of November the test results of the multi member state (MMS) test of NIVA and the potential of this data for future CAP were presented by the UC4B team at a meeting of the project PL4.0. PL4.0 is a precision agriculture project “Precision Agriculture 4.0” in which various organisations in the Dutch agricultural sector work together on the theme of precision farming.

Field activities play an important role in the new CAP UC4B argued. Therefore, capturing the machine data can be interesting to investigate. NIVA Use Case 4B (machine data) developed components to transfer data from machine, via Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) to Paying Agencies (PAs). In 2020 the first tests were conducted. In 2021 the UC4B-team organised a test with the precision agriculture project Precision Agriculture 4.0 (PL4.0). In this project Work Package 3 deals with data transfer in grassland management. In 2020 catch crop sowing was tested in The Netherlands. A test case outside the usual arable farming was found extra interesting.

The idea in the test was that farmers can show that they skipped mowing parts of their parcels as a part of meadow bird protection schemes. Another test in Steenwijk (NL) in august 2021 (far after the meadow bird breeding season) was conducted. A nest protection situation was simulated. The data proved that a farmer mowed parts of the parcel. The Kverneland mower produced an as-applied-map with this in it. Another insight the data can give is the moment of mowing compared to the meadowbird protection period. The registered data should lie after the final date of the meadow bird protection program.

The participants were enthusiastic about the change the EU policy is making shifting from compliance to performance and the possibilities this can bring to farming and Precision Agriculture. The meeting led to interesting new connections between NIVA and partners in PL4.0.