Due to the COVID-19 crisis NIVA had to cancel the Stakeholder forum that was supposed to take place on 13 May in Dublin. Instead of a physical Stakeholder forum NIVA organised a series of webinars on 23 June, 30 June and 7 July. Although the webinars were not announced long before they took place a lot of stakeholders attended the webinars. The webinar on “Digital Technologies & On-the-Spot-Checks (OTSC) in times of COVID-19” even attracted around 90 participants.

NIVA was happy to inform the attendees on issues that affect the daily work and the work to come, but also is satisfied that it could present what NIVA has been developing in the past year. And how the NIVA work could benefit Paying Agencies all over Europe to deal with the upcoming challenges. The outcomes and material from the three webinars will be published soon on this website.

Because of the success of the webinars NIVA will organise more webinars after the summer of 2020. During and after the webinars some suggestions were shared for future topics. NIVA encourages everyone to send their suggestions: info@niva4cap.eu