The NIVA project is happy to announce the final NIVA Results conference and Stakeholder Forum.

During 26th and 29th of September 2022 NIVA invites stakeholders to join us on the Greek island Santorini. In this Stakeholder Forum NIVA will present the main results of NIVA and will discuss the incorporation of the main results into operational CAP monitoring systems.

NIVA set out on an ambitious journey to develop a New Vision of IACS in Action. After 3 years of working as a project, it is needed to check the implications of its vision towards the current and future implementation actions on CAP monitoring. NIVA has developed many relevant results that link to IACS and its evolutions, in different ways. Some innovations are more of short term relevance, some are more of long term relevance for the future. Also, they involve different stakeholders and have different implications for stakeholder groups in terms of administrative burden, ease-of-use and applicability. This results conference sets out to critically reflect on the general directions of CAP monitoring, the main innovations of NIVA, and then the implications for future aspects.

Every session will come back to this vision for the future through examining the following questions:

  1. What are main implications for the future of CAP monitoring?
  2. What is a possible transition from data to control if farmers are eligible to information and advice to help farmers improve on what is not going well?
  3. What are the main innovations with respect to performance monitoring of farmers?
  4. How do we encourage farmers` trust in sharing data (including data on field areas that are not performing well)?

So save the date and follow our communication channels.

Upon registration you will be send a calendar invites to ensure smooth participation.
NIVA Results conference: Future vision for CAP monitoring Tickets, Mon, Sep 26, 2022 at 12:30 PM | Eventbrite
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NIVA Results conference program 26th and 27th

NIVA Project meeting program 28th and 29th