Paying Agencies workshop about data sharing

One of the objectives of the NIVA (New IACS Vision in Action – project is about reducing the gap between IACS data use and potential broader uses. Most of IACS data is currently used only by Paying Agencies in order to control the CAP subsidies paid to farmers whereas this data would be of great interest for a quite wider community of users, especially in the domains of environment and climate change.

To achieve this objective, the Work Package “Harmonisation and Interoperability” aims to provide recommendations for more IACS data sharing.  The NIVA recommendations are mainly dedicated to Paying Agencies; they are rather generic and will have to be adapted to each national context.

These recommendations are based mainly on legal framework and on user requirements. However, most of IACS data is coming from farmers and the opening of this data may raise confidentiality issues.  In addition, opening IACS data and making it easily accessible may be a challenge for Paying Agencies.

The general aim of NIVA recommendations about more IACS data sharing is to propose a balanced approach, aiming to optimize the benefit for society without harming farmers and to be feasible by Paying Agencies.

Objectives of the workshop

The main aim of this Paying Agencies workshop is to ensure that our proposals about IACS data sharing are considered as relevant (or at least acceptable).

More accurately, the objectives of this workshop are:

  • To make Paying Agencies aware of our proposals
  • To get first Paying Agencies feed-back
  • To take this feed-back into account, at least by documenting the workshop results in our deliverable or even by modifying our proposals if convincing new arguments

Attendees are not expected to provide the official position of the Paying Agency they belong to but just their opinion.

Practical organisation

Target audience:  Paying Agency from each EU Member State.

Target attendees are staff from Paying Agencies aware of IACS data delivery, knowing the current status and having an idea about how situation may evolve in next future. It is not necessary they are decision-makers.

There may be one or several persons for each Paying Agency.

Date and place

Date: 30/03/2022 – from 14 h to 16 h (Paris time).

The workshop will be held as a virtual meeting, with alternance of presentations, polls and discussions. Agenda will be sent to attendees before the workshop. The workshop will be held in English.

Registration for this workshop will be issued in a later stage. If you already know if you (or a colleague) will participate in this workshop please feel free to contact us already.