In the beginning of 2022 NIVA published its Call for Support for Third Parties. With the support of three external reviewers three proposals were selected to test the NIVA innovations. NIVA is happy to see that three consortia are going to work with our Use Cases:

  • MAROTSC: A Latvian consortium will test UC4A (Geotagged Photo App);
  • DATAFERT: A Belgian/Dutch consortium will test UC4B (machine data);
  • DSMDFMISS: A Latvian consortium will test UC4B (machine data).

The project MAROTSC (Mobile app for replacing On-the-Spot Check) will test UC4A (Geotagged Photo App). During testing and validation different eligibility conditions and one conditionality condition will be tested. The consortium consists of the Latvian Paying Agency Rural Support Service (RSS) and the State Plant Protection Service (SPPS) from Latvia.

The DATAFERT (DATA SHARING ON MANURE FERTILISATION APPLIED ON BELGIAN FIELDS) project will work on the UC4B (machine data). The idea is to test and to validate the NIVA connector UC4B to exchange data on effective applied manure dose (and chemical N, P & K content) done with Vervaet manure machine application machine HydroTrike. The consortium is formed by the company Vervaet Frans B.V. and the Belgian research institute ILVO. The consortium is supported by the Flemish Paying Agency.

The project DSMDFMISS (Direct submission of the Machine Data to FMIS system) is testing and validating the UC4B (machine data) solution. Data registered by farm machine will be submitted directly to the FMIS system and the accuracy of the data will be compared. The project will be executed by a consortium of the Latvian State Plant Protection Service (SPPS) and the Latvian Paying Agency Rural Support Service (RSS).

All the projects officially started on the 1st of July 2022 and by the 1st of September the first phase (Inception) is expected to be finalized. After that date the second phase (testing and validation) starts, which is expected to be finalized in November 2022. We expect that these three projects will benefit the work of NIVA and will provide more insights on the usability of NIVA innovations in real life.