The corona-virus COVID-19 and its rapid spread has created a very challenging and sad situation for Europe and the world. The restrictions to travel and hold physical meetings implies that the NIVA Project Meeting and Stakeholder Forum in Dublin will be postponed. The Project Meeting scheduled from 11-13 May is rescheduled as a physical meeting to 6-8 July. But NIVA is also investigating options for September. The 2nd Stakeholder Forum will not be held before the summer break, and also the CAPIGI conference will be rescheduled to a later date in 2020. A decision will be taken by the NIVA Project Management Board if the Dublin Project Meeting in July is feasible depending on the situation and the prospects in a month time.

For the NIVA partners a series of Webinars and conference calls to advance parts of the projects virtually will be organised on the 11th & 12th of May. More details on this will follow soon and will be communicated to the NIVA partners. NIVA will announce when there is more clarity on the new dates for the Stakeholder Forum and the CAPIGI conference. In the meanwhile NIVA will look into the possibilities to open up some webinars for a broader audience.