On the 26th and 27th of September 2022 NIVA organized a Stakeholder Forum on the Greek island Santorini. This Stakeholder forum was mainly intended for Paying Agencies to get a good view on the work the NIVA project has conducted since June 2019. We were happy to welcome more than 100 participants, of which 80 in-person. The conference was divided in a couple of results sessions in which the NIVA Use Cases were at the core.

The UC teams gave a concise overview of the objectives, the results, the benefits and the challenges of the results of their work. Accompanied with presentations of AG AGRI on the Area Monitoring System (AMS) and the AMS Quality Assurance and a contribution from the Horizon projects Open IACS and MEF4CAP and NIVA’s work on harmonization, interoperability, farmer’s dashboards and the connection between FMIS data and CAP the program had a good variety. Despite the variety the main focus remained the usability of the NIVA innovations for the work of the Paying Agencies.

More important the NIVA Stakeholder Forum was a good opportunity to discuss the work in more dept., both in moderated discussions as in a more informal setting. By sharing the outcomes of NIVA a good step was taken for potential uptake of the innovations and for future cooperation between Paying Agencies.

The presentations can be found HERE