May 14, 2020

The corona-virus COVID-19 and its rapid spread has created a very challenging and sad situation for Europe and the world. The restrictions to travel and hold physical meetings implied that the NIVA Project Meeting and Stakeholder Forum in Dublin was replaced by a virtual meeting through Skype4Business. A two-day NIVA project partner virtual meeting was dedicated to two main topics: NIVA progress that have happened or are scheduled to happen since open Copenhagen meeting in November and COVID pandemic impact and mitigation measures on NIVA project.

Virtual NIVA Consortium Meeting, 11-12 May

Project partner meeting started on 11 May with the overview of two-day virtual meeting objectives and goals as well as highlighting the achievements that were made during meeting in Copenhagen.  Progress of all relevant activities in NIVA was reviewed with a possibility for all project participants to ask questions to the lead of the different activities. Each project WP leader reported the results achieved over the past 6 months, the current state of play, plans for the future and main challenges.

It was stressed out, that despite the fact, that WP2 is more aware on who is doing what and for whom, the audience and target beneficiaries should be increased. For meeting participants it was also underlined, that while working with WP5 responsible should bear in mind one of the conclusion of Copenhagen “we are here for the farmers” the question is “where is the farmer and how can we connect?”.

In the course of the meeting among other topics, it could be distinguished that NIVA simplified architecture is becoming more common and aligned with common vision due to the fact, that new IACS common vision was progressively achieved at both kind of partners, paying agencies and technical providers. It is also important to mention that UCs & Technical Webinars have demonstrated as a strong tool to progress specially under COVID 19. The two-day consortium unanimously agree that the increase in NIVA products must continue to be pursued.

It was agreed, that three webinars will be held during the summer of 2020 with the purpose to discuss these topics:

1.       NIVA state of play ;

2.       Opportunities of digital technologies to facilitate On The Spot Checks in times of COVID 19;

3.       Data sharing;

The main message that was transmitted at the end:  “Virtual meeting are good for the planet, efficient for business and activities but a bit poor for social contact. Therefore if the stakeholders can’t come to us, we will come to them!”.