From the 22nd until the the 25th of September 2022 the 10th International Conference on ICT in Agriculture, Food & Environment took place in Athens, Greece. HAICTA 2022 (HAICTA 2022 – 10th International Conference on ICT in Agriculture, Food & Environment) aims to bring together professionals, experts and researchers working in Agriculture, Food and Environment, emphasizing on the applicability of ICT solutions and innovations to real industry cases and the respective challenges.

Based on the work of NIVA’s WP3 a paper was created by our partners Neuropublic and IGN. The paper “Earth Observation and Digital Agriculture Technologies as data sources for the future CAP monitoring”  provides a short analysis on how and in what extend the satellite-based technologies and smart farming systems can act as new sources of information towards the realization of future CAP objectives. The report focuses on the integration of these new technologies in support of advanced decision making for the regional/national Integrated Administration and Control Systems (IACS). You can find the paper HERE