The 51st conference of Directors of EU Paying Agencies was organized as part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 11 till 13 May 2022. NIVA showcased the innovations developed to the directors of the Paying Agencies (PAs) of all the member states and candidate member states. In the lobby of the conference hall posters of NIVA including some visualizations were prominent visible.

NIVA had the opportunity to have the floor for a presentation in which 6 from the 9 Use Cases were presented. In just a few slides per Use Case the audience got an idea what the innovation of the Use Case is, what the lessons learned are and what the implications and opportunities for the Paying Agencies are. The response to the presentation was very positive and the NIVA project members were happy to elaborate more on the different use cases during the rest of the conference.

The implementation of the new CAP is on the minds of all the PAs and NIVA showed successfully how the innovations can contribute to the implementation of the new CAP. But also how new technologies can contribute in the CAP period after the upcoming one. But not only the tangible products were used in discussions, but also what can be learned about cooperating in a project such as the NIVA project.

Presentation of the Uce Cases