With the second wave of COVID19 hitting Europe, the November Project Meeting focused on the NIVA transition “From Development to Test” as NIVA is reaching the M18/halfway milestone and the components and e-tools are becoming available for testing and deployment.

Over the summer and first part of the autumn of 2020, NIVA has demonstrated that it is in a good mode of development of its activities, in which almost all activities are leading to the first clear results and deliverables. This is extremely timely as the project will need to switch to more outside communication and delivery from November 2020.

An important part of this is that all UC’s are having tested their components in the Single Member State phase in the leading Member State. Some carried out more extensive tests than others, but in all cases tests could be executed and about 30 components seem to be developed as part of NIVA. This is an important milestone, as it lays the ground for the next phase of Multi-Member State testing from Nov 2020 to May 2021. Also, a set of important deliverables on the Methodology Framework and Multi Actor approach was finalized, documenting the progress made on these aspects.

During the Project Meeting, Use Cases presented the results obtained so far. Almost all NIVA partners that develop software code are actively using the Gitlab: an important step to ensure that NIVA results are usable by others.

WP2 – Large scale pilot progress overview presentation