The ENRD Evaluation Helpdesk is pleased to invite you to the Good Practice Workshop, ‘Improving data management and information systems for the purpose of CAP evaluations’. The workshop will take place on 16-17 March 2021, Online.

One of the good practice workshop session will be related to experience sharing and development for which NIVA project will be used as a good experience example.


Issues related to the proper functioning of data management and information systems especially related to their efficiancy and quality are frequently encountered by Member States. For this reason, it is important to take stock of existing experiences with the aim to answer the overarching questions:

What worked well and what were the challenges in 2014-2020 in relation to data management?
What can we learn from EU-level projects and Member State’s experiences in the field of data management and information systems for evaluation, including, where relevant, using and combining FADN, IACS and other databases/data sources?
What are innovative data collection and processing methods that can be used for evaluations in the context of the CAP?

The Good Practice Workshop (GPW) has the overall objective to reflect on innovative experiences in relation to data management and information systems for evaluations in the context of the CAP. In this context the aim will be to:

Exchange experiences from existing research projects/studies and data management practices at the EU and Member State levels to identify useful elements and innovative approaches that can help improve data management and information systems.
Discuss specific issues/criteria that can facilitate or hamper the incorporation/transfer of identified approaches into data management and information systems at the Member State level.
Identify needs for further support for Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies, but also, for evaluators and data providers in relation to the above issues for improving data management and information systems for the ex post evaluation and future CAP evaluations.
Target Audience:

The workshop will be an opportunity to bring together evaluation practitioners like Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies, evaluators, researchers and other evaluation stakeholders in the Member States as well as EU-level evaluation experts and researchers to discuss, share concerns and exchange experiences.


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