Earth Observation Monitoring and Traffic Lights

Agro-environmental monitoring

Farmer Performance


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Machine data in GSAA as added value data

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LPIS: Update & Change detection

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Stakeholder Forum, 13 November 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark:

A. Innovation Ecosystem (NIVA)
B. NIVA overview (NIVA) 
C. New technologies in agri-monitoring (ECA) 
D. Future AMS (DG AGRI) 
E. Technical challenges for IACS
F.  Checks by Monitoring (BE) 
G. Checks by Monitoring (DE) 
H. Checks by Monitoring (IT) 
I.  WP3 Harmonisation and Interoperability (NIVA) 
J.  Lessons learned (ES) 
K. Lessons learned (LT) 
L. D5.2 Stakeholder Exchange Platform Report